Squad No: 6

Position: Defender

D.O.B: 3rd February 1990

Signed on: June 2009

“Thommo” is a real athlete who’s athleticism sees him pop up unexpectedly at either end of the park to save the Seasiders with both goals and last gasp tackles.

Thommo made his debut In May 2009 against Broxburn Athletic.  At the start of season 2022-23 he was a handful of games behind Keith Tait in 5th spot in the all time Dunbar United appearances chart.

Having captained The Seasiders many times over the years, including in the clubs Scottish Cup debut against Broxburn in September 2021, he took over as captain in December 2021 following Fraser McLaren’s retirement.

Off the field Thommo is also known for his ball skills. He is both a champion bowler and a scratch golfer, we think he must have been a nightmare for classmates at school sports day.

His previous club was Musselburgh Athletic which sandwiches his long stint as a Dunbar United player, having started at Dunbar United Colts at the age of 5!

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