Chairman to step down...

Following the announcement last week that our 2022/23 Annual General Meeting will take place on Saturday 4th February 2023, the club can confirm that Stuart Robertson will be standing down as Chairman.

Reflecting on his time at the club Stuart had this to say:

“I know, for some, it might seem crazy to have put in the hard yards and then to leave the club while we’re sitting top of the table and still in three cup competitions but I am not the sort of guy who would walk away if things weren’t going well.”
“I’ve enjoyed my time at the club. However, it’s always been in conflict with a couple of fixed realities in my life. Firstly, and most importantly, I have a young family and secondly I have a demanding day job that involves a lot of travel. With this in mind, I’ve always been transparent that once the club was on a secure financial footing, and the infrastructure was in place then it was time for me to move on.”
“I originally intended to go at the end of last season with the delivery of the stand project completed and with the progress on he financial side meaning we could put a stronger team on the park. However, the way things worked out at the end of the season I felt I couldn’t, in good conscience, do that.”
“I’ll always be incredibly grateful to my fellow board members alongside all of our supporters and sponsors who’ve helped us achieve the progress we have. I’ve really enjoyed seeing our relationship with the Colts result in the U20s who are doing so well and I’ve also enjoyed working with Hallhill to see the centre bouncing with Dunbar fans on match days.”
“I look forward to continuing to get along to the games as often as I can. We are in a great position right now, but there is still a huge amount to play for so I’ll be there to cheer on the lads.”

Everyone at the club would like to pass on our thanks to Stuart for his hard work for Dunbar United, both through the pandemic but then following that with what have become some of the most progressive times in the history of the club. More details on the succession plan will be shared post our AGM which will be held at 12pm on Saturday 4th February 2023 at Hallhill.