Dunbar United Football Club recognise the positive impact that football can have both in young peoples and lives and in the community. Not only does it provide enjoyable entertainment, but it also provides exercise and a chance to develop life skills including confidence, resilience, leadership and teamwork.

To ensure that the positive effects of football are available to all young people, Dunbar United Football Club will adopt child friendly processes and practices that both supports, protect and empower.

We recognise that Dunbar United Football Club has a duty of care towards children and young people and to this end we have developed a Child Wellbeing and Protection Policy. This policy, and our supporting procedures and practices, provide the club with the tools to ensure the protection of children and young people from harm.

In line with our equality policy Dunbar United Football Club is a club for all. Promoting inclusivity and treating everyone equally regardless of their background, age, gender, race, religion, sexual identity and/or disabilities. Everyone has the right to protection for all forms or harm and the club are committed to achieving this.

Last updated Monday May 2, 2022


Child Wellbeing and Protection Officer: John Johnstone


Board member with Child Wellbeing and Protection Responsibilities: Pam Munro


Telephone: 07970 109691