Life Members

Dunbar United has a rich history of achievement in the semi-professional football game in Scotland dating back, officially, to 1925. Albeit records show a team operated from Dunbar long before this.

An award of Life Membership of Dunbar United Football Club, the highest honour a club can bestow upon members of our Dunbar United community.  Over the history of the football club this award has been made to a number of individuals to recognise the valuable contribution they have made to the current and future existence of the Club.

It is only awarded in exceptional circumstances, and over the the course of the clubs previous AGM’s those who have received this award are listed below.

  • Adam Cheetham

  • Alan Young

  • Alastair Virtue

  • Albert Liddle

  • Alex McLaren

  • Alfie Paylor

  • Allan Crozier

  • Andrew Cairns

  • Andrew Halliday

  • Annabel Davidson

  • Billy Gillespie

  • Dave McCandlish

  • Dougie Elms

  • Frank Peters

  • Geoff Jones

  • George Brydon

  • George Foggo

  • George Melrose

  • Gilbert Murray

  • Gordon Maitland

  • H. Purves

  • Hugh Smith

  • Ian Gray

  • J. Boyd

  • Jackie Smith

  • James Combe

  • James Gibson

  • Jamie Congalton

  • John Hannan

  • John Johnstone

  • John Melrose

  • Malcolm Jones

  • Norman Hampshire

  • Norman Laing

  • Paul Lees

  • Peter Paxton

  • Robert Davidson

  • Robert Hendrie

  • Steven Girdwood

  • Tom Fairbairn

  • Tommy Foggo

  • Tony McLaren

  • Walter Alexander

  • William Ruxton

Unfortunately, over the near 100 year history of our football club, record keeping has not always been consistent.  We do apologise to any life members (or their families) if a name has been omitted from our record books in error.  We also recognise some inconsistency has historically occurred, the club introduced a Life Members Policy at our AGM in August 2021 to seek to address this going forward.