Each line in our lottery costs just 50p and it is based on forecasting 4 numbers which will be drawn at random from numbers 1 to 20. The jackpot prize varies based on the number of players who play each week.

In any given week if the jackpot prize is not won, the jackpot rolls over each week until it is won. If there is more than one jackpot winner, in any given week, the prize pool will be divided equally, and all winners will be notified.

You can play our lottery from various venues around the town, and they are as follows:

  • 1650 Coffee Shop, 76 High Street, Dunbar
  • Corriere Cafe, 6 West Port, Dunbar
  • Castle Hotel, 163 High Street, Dunbar
  • Dunbar News, 31A High Street, Dunbar
  • Dunbar Post Office, 17A High Street, Dunbar
  • Dunbar Value, 88 High Street, Dunbar
  • Eagle Inn, 73 High Street, Dunbar
  • Kick Ash, 47 High Street, Dunbar
  • Knox Newsagent and Garden Centre, 146 High Street, Dunbar
  • Looks, 93A Summerfield Road, Dunbar
  • Morrisons Daily, 21 High Street Dunbar
  • The Volunteer Arms, 17 Victoria Street, Dunbar
  • Turnbull’s Home Hardware, 135 High Street, Dunbar
  • Winterfield Golf Course, Back Road, Dunbar.

We can also arrange your payment via bank transfer or standing order. Please contact lottery@dunbarunitedfc.com for help to set up playing in this way.

If you would be able to assist us in selling any tickets please contact us lottery@dunbarunitedfc.com