Covid Officer Details


COVID officer to be in attendance at every match.

Zoning within Stadium

Red & Amber Zones

  • Red Zone – Details to be added
  • Detail of technical areas and substitute area. ( Substitutes should all be socially distant)
  • 24 club staff are permitted in the red zone. This is to include all playing and coaching staff and COVID officer/secretary
  • The match officials (usually 3) are also permitted in the red/amber zone
  • Routing within zone is clearly marked throughout the ground
  • Red & Amber Zone is in activation 75 minutes before kick-off
  • There will be a steward at every ingress/egress point to the amber/red zone

Green Zone

  • Details of all other parts of stadium used by spectators/non-match critical committee members/media. This also includes any parking areas
  • Routing within zone is clearly marked with different entrance points to different points of the ground
  • All other club officials whether on or not on duty to remain within this zone
  • Stewards to be located throughout the green zone at all ingress and egress points to the ground and also ensuring social distancing is maintained throughout the ground
DUFC - Zoning within the Stadium
DUFC - Zoning within the Stadium