Thommo is the new Captian.

With the news last night that Fraser McLaren is to retire at the end of the year, Kevin Haynes has appointed Grant Thomson as the new club captain.

This is what Thommo has to say:

“I am absolutely delighted and honoured to be given the opportunity to be the new Captain of Dunbar United. The circumstances could have been better, given I’m losing my best mate at the club and the team is losing a great player and Captain, however I am very proud to accept it.”

“I have spoken to Fraser and he is happy for me, taking over the role, which means a lot to me.”

“Dunbar United is a club I’ve grown up playing for and watching. I started with Dunbar United Colts in 1995 and played with till about 2006 then I came to Dunbar United in 2009. I’ve had short spells away, but I have always felt I belong at Dunbar United, it’s my home club. I feel at this stage of my career I am the right candidate to take the role on.”

“I’ve played under good captain’s too, Geoff Jones, Steven Tait and Fraser. These guys will always be there for advice and support as I keep in regular contact with them.”

“Going forward, I will lead the team on and off the pitch with a positive mentality. We have half a season to go so it’s all to play for and I will be setting examples at training and on the park with my heart and effort.”

“My will to win, positivity and maximum effort means that I am sure I will have the right influence on the rest of the team. The guys know I’m very approachable and can speak to me about anything.”

“Most importantly I hope I will bring success to Dunbar United and can do Dunbar town and the wider community proud in what is a very positive time for the club.”

“It’s also important that I show the next generation of boys and girls coming through the Colts it could be them.”

Well done Thommo. We’re all delighted for you!