Kerr extends his contract

After meeting the gaffer I realised that a club the size of Dunbar United shouldn’t be where it is,  and I’m hoping that I can help gain promotion and hopefully a few cups during my time here. 

Initially I was offered a 2 year deal,  but at the time I chose to take the 1 year option. I’ve since been impressed with the club as a whole and I feel I’ve settled in quite well. All the lads have been brilliant with me straight from the get go,  and if we gain promotion then I don’t see where else I would want to be playing, so that’s why we spoke about getting my contract extended. 

The gaffer has put a strong squad together and there is a good mix. There are no bad eggs in the changing room, everyone gets on with each other. As you will know a few boys can tear into someone else a bit more than others for standards not being high enough, they’ll know who they are.

I would say we have had a good start to the season so far.  Unfortunately I missed the first few games but the boys did well and got the wins that we needed. Our aim is for promotion, it simply needs to be. With the squad we have, anything other than that isn’t good enough in my opinion and all the boys are on the same page.

I was frustrated at being suspended at the start of the season but I only had myself to blame for that. I have felt the fittest I have been for a while going into the season, so it was frustrating,  but it’s just one of these things. I’ll learn from it and hopefully it doesn’t happen again.

Last week’s Scottish Cup tie was all about getting into the hat for the next round. Our performance could have been better in spells but we won and are through to the next round. The first round draw is a bit of an unknown to be honest. The Highland league is a higher level than ours so they’ll be the favourites,  but I think that may suit us. It’s a game that we are all looking forward to.

The supporters and volunteers are first class. Anything you need, and there is someone who is willing to do it for you. If that means helping with the kit, filling water bottles, then they are happy to do anything for the team, these guys keep clubs like Dunbar going. Without them it wouldn’t work. 

Training on Tuesday and Thursday nights has also been good. I have loved training with all the guys. Pre-season was hard, don’t get me wrong but certainly enjoyable and I feel like we’re getting the benefits. My personal aim is to keep fit and play as many games as possible,  and like I’ve previously said, be successful at Dunbar United. 

The club has also invested in an Under 20’s squad this season and that’s massive for both the club and the local community, we saw it a few weeks ago when we were short. Stuart Allan’s lads were able to come in and give us a hand. Similar to some of our players playing for them on a Friday.  This gives any of our players that may be suspended or coming back from injury a chance to play. Something that might not have been able to happen last season.

Lastly I want to compliment the club’s social media, and the following we get on our platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the website, it’s huge! Something I think other clubs should be trying to replicate. The updates and content that goes on there is brilliant!

Thank you for your support