An update from our Manager

It has taken me nearly 10 days to get this piece together after the disaster show at Tynecastle, but I must apologise to everyone connected to the club for not only that match in particular,  but for the league campaign as a whole. 

As hard as a week past Saturday was, we had ample opportunities over the 33 games before Tynecastle away to pick up the required amount of points to keep our place in the EoSFL Premier League.  Myself, the rest of the coaches and the squad can’t feel sorry for ourselves as the relegation should be our fuel to make us more determined to get things right, and chase promotion from the very first league game next season of the new EoSFL First Division.

It may have been a difficult end to the season, but it has also came with some positives,  the Scottish Cup games in particular stick out,  and the way the town and community backed us through that spell was outstanding. I will always remember the amount of supporters who stayed behind after these games to clap the players off the pitch, that is what it is all about for me.  I was delighted to make the local people proud of their football team again.

We recently managed to give Dunbar United debuts to 4 players from Stuart Allan’s under 17’s squad which I think proves there is a clear pathway within the club for the local talented footballers.  We have also had some good performances this season, smashing a few records on the way,  but unfortunately it’s the bad performances that will stick in the mind more and I’ll carry the can for that. 

I want to thank the Committee, the large group of unpaid volunteers, Bobby Peters and the rest of the staff at Hallhill and all our sponsors and supporters of the club for all their hard work, support and commitment to the club.  Without all these groups the club would be in a much worse place,  and I really do appreciate everything you all do. 

Hopefully we can see you at our last club function of the season on Saturday the 4th of June at Hallhill for our Players BBQ, where we will be issuing our Player Of The Year Awards.

I am really looking forward to the challenge ahead for next season as we aim to get promoted back in the Premier League.

All the best

Kevin Haynes