An update from our Dunbar United U20's Manager Stuart Allan

I’m delighted to say the start of the season is just around the corner. Pre-season has been brilliant. The boys have worked really hard and have given a great account of themselves in every single game. We finished pre-season unbeaten in 3 games. 

We have played 630 minutes of football in pre-season and managed 10 training sessions. Only last week, we trained/played 4 times in only 7 days. The effort the boys are giving us to be ready for the start of the season is outstanding. 

We have 2 training sessions this week to prepare for Friday. We know we will face a very good Haddington Athletic side on Friday. They appear to be made primarily from Portobello CFA players, from last season’s treble winning U17’s. 

But we’ve got really good players that I have full confidence in. We’ve got players that will cause problems against any U20’s side. Only on Saturday, Daniel Hall made his league debut at just 16 years old for the first team against Whitehill Welfare,  and Gregor Goldie at 17 years old . I’m so proud of the two of them. I’m really grateful to Kevin, Dunny & Smally for giving them the opportunity. 

My message to the boys on Friday night is an easy one. Go and enjoy the occasion, everyone is behind you, everyone at the club wants you to do well. We will do the work to prepare on the pitch this week, but I believe my group can compete against any side we will face in the league. 

All of us see Friday as a piece of history for the football club. I live a 10 minute walk away from New Countess Park,  and have played or coached in the town since I was 7 years old. It’s going to be a proud moment for all of us on Friday, we can’t wait. 

Our young squad has the average age of just 16 years and 4 months. Not everything will go perfect this year – we know that. But if we could get a strong community backing on Friday at NCP,  it would mean everything to us. 

Take care

Stuart Allan